Protect yourself.

Cover your tracks by deleting your search and web history.

Need somewhere to stay?

Find a nearby shelter.

Plan for your safety.

Prepare for potentially dangerous situations.

I want to help.

Are you a concerned loved one? Find out how you can help.

What Do You Need?

I need help

Are you abused? Are you concerned for you and your family’s safety? Help is available.

I want to help someone

You know someone who you suspect is being abused and you want to know how you can help.


If this is an emergency, call 911 or the Assaulted Women’s Help Line 1-866-863-0511

Our goal is to create a community where each & every citizen will live safely, free from Domestic Violence. – Algoma Council Domestic Violence Mission Statement

Algoma Council on Domestic Violence (ACDV) created this site as a resource centre for those experiencing or impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault/abuse. The site provides information and education including where to get help, how to help and a directory of support services, including counselling, shelters and emergency numbers in the district of Algoma.

  • Algoma Council Domestic Violence

    1 in 4 women have experienced some form of domestic violence at some point in their life.