Who We Are & What We do

Algoma Council on Domestic Violence

The Algoma Council on Domestic Violence is comprised of many agencies, organizations and concerned citizens throughout the city of Sault Ste. Marie and District of Algoma.

Vision Statement

The Algoma District will become a community where each and every citizen will live safely, free from Domestic Violence.

Mission Statement

As a culturally inclusive council the Algoma Council on Domestic Violence (ACDV) will strive to change community attitudes toward Domestic Violence focusing on woman abuse through education and advocacy, while promoting community safety and well-being.

Our Work

Our Work is carried out through a variety of projects initiated by our council partners, organizations, and concerned citizens. Anyone in Algoma who shares our values and beliefs is welcome to become a partner of the Council.

Projects for Awareness

Sault Ste. Marie and Area Community Response Protocol for Domestic Violence

The Community Response Protocol for Domestic Violence is an initiative of the Algoma Council on Domestic Violence. This document outlines the procedure to which fifteen partner agencies are working cooperatively and diligently together to respond to the problem of Domestic Violence. These agencies represent a wide variety of community sectors including: health, community services, violence against women services, child protection services and the criminal justice system.

Neighbours, Friends and Families

Neighbors, friends and families have a crucial role to play in preventing woman abuse. A provincial campaign has been created so people can help, when they are close to at-risk women or abusive men.

Aboriginal community:

Neighbours, Friends and Families at Work/ Make It Our Business

The Algoma Council on Domestic Violence is offering training and workplace presentations to employers who are working to meet the Domestic Violence requirements of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. NFF@Work focuses on co-worker education and engagement by offering programs to raise awareness of the signs of woman abuse/ Domestic Violence as it affects the workplace. It also serves as preparation for senior teams in organizations wanting to support employees at risk from Domestic Violence.

Make It Our Business is part of the NFF Workplace Champion Program which provides comprehensive education and training for all levels of organizations. Organizations can implement one or more of the following three levels of involvement:

Level 1: Developing Awareness provides access to information to all employees through brochures and a website.

Level 2: Basic Education is a one hour long session designed to give all employees key information and resources as well as directions for further self-directed study.

Level 3: Leadership Development is a day-long interactive session that offers managers and supervisors enhanced opportunities to learn practical problem solving skills. A three hour version of this training session is also available.

Level 4: Sustaining Culture Change is a two-day intensive workshop for a team with the designated responsibility to prevent and respond to domestic violence in your workplace. This training prepares participants to implement and support organization wide efforts to recognize and respond to domestic violence.

Source: http://www.makeitourbusiness.com

Organizations are recognized with a Certificate of Achievement from the Centre for Research and Education about Violence Against Women and Children based on the level reached in the organization. The annual recognition ceremony is in February every year.

All online resources can be ordered free of charge and are downloadable.

If you are interested in becoming a NFF Workplace Champion or want to learn more about NFF@Work, contact ACDV at algomacouncildomesticviolence@gmail.com.