If you are abused or concerned you may be in danger, please follow these articles to keep you and your family safe.

Am I Abused?

Do you fear for the safety of yourself and your children? Are you wondering if you are being abused? Learn what domestic violence is, the types of abuse and its warning signs.

Deleting Your History

When you use the internet, browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox are designed to leave traces behind indicating sites you've visited on the internet. There are some simple steps you can take to prevent your internet activity from being traced.

Creating a Safety Plan

A guide to helping you prepare for potentially dangerous situations involving you and your family. Remember that every situation is different, and some of these steps may not apply to your personal circumstances.

Equality/Non-violence Wheel – Understanding an Equal Relationship

This is a diagram that shows the aspects of a healthy, equal relationship.

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Of all Canadian children, it is estimated that 11% to 23% have witnessed some form of violence against their mother in the home (Health Canada, 1999). These children suffer too.

Women's Bill of Rights

As a woman you have the right to feel in control of your life and have options to seek help. This Women's Bill of Rights was shared from lccewa.ca.

Power and Control Wheel – Understanding Abuse

This is a diagram that shows the different aspects of how a victim of abuse can have power and control used on them.

Facts/Statistics of Domestic Violence

Learn some of the facts and statistics about Domestic Violence