Women's Bill of Rights


I have the right to:

  • Live a life of peace free from abuse and fear
  • Feel valued, respected and appreciated for who I am.
  • Express my thoughts and opinions without judgment or criticism.
  •  Share equality in all decisions related to relationship, children, home and finances.
  • Grow as a person, have my own goals, and develop my own talents and abilities.
  • Have friendships outside my relationship that are sustaining and satisfying.
  • Have control over my body – to be able to refuse sex, to engage in safe practices, to choose my birth control method, and whether or when to have children or become pregnant.
  • Have freedom of movement without fear of repercussion.
  • Feel safe wherever I am.
  • Seek help from police or others if I’m not feeling safe.
  • Believe that I am an important, powerful and beautiful human being.