Are you concerned about someone you think is being abused, but don’t know what to do? These are articles that can help you as a concerned family and community members to educate yourself on Domestic Violence and how to help.

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Of all Canadian children, it is estimated that 11% to 23% have witnessed some form of violence against their mother in the home (Health Canada, 1999). These children suffer too.

Why do Women Stay?

When it comes to helping a victim of abuse, it is sometimes difficult to understand their point to view as to why they stay. Here are some points to consider on why women stay.

Overcoming Your Hesitation to Help

Here are some concerns you may have about whether you should help and some points to consider when you know someone who is being abused.

Ways to Support her

These are some ways that you can try to support someone you suspect is a victim of abuse.

Warning signs of Abuse

If you recognize some of these warning signs, it may be time to take action.

What is Domestic Violence?

You may suspect abuse is happening to a neighbour, friend or family member. Learn what domestic violence is, the types of abuse and its warning signs.

Facts/Statistics of Domestic Violence

Learn some of the facts and statistics about Domestic Violence